Why DUBLIN is Better than LONDON

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If you are planning to move to Dublin, Portobello is the best neighbourhood for culture. Portobello is known as one of the trendiest areas to live in Dublin. This neighborhood is home to a blend of artisanal brunch spots and lively Irish pubs; this is the inner city’s cultural hub. Think redbrick buildings, yoga studios, and specialty galleries. There is a healthy mix of modern apartments and refurbished terraced houses to rent. The area is ideal for expats who prefer to travel on foot. Join the after-work crowd having a pint beside the local canal or catch live music at the infamous Whelan’s pub (Ed Sheeran once played a secret gig here!).
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Eoin Mulhern Says:

Aug 23, 2022 - Having lived in both,choose Dublin - purely because the people have souls

TheSpaceman332211 Says:

Aug 2, 2022 - I'm from Dublin. Lived in both. Dublin just can't compete with London's nightlife, job market, entertainment scene, history, culture, sub culture scenes, infrastructure, transport, property market, rent is probably more expensive in Dublin these days. Dublin is a lot safer and the ppl are friendlier. London is 16 times bigger population wise and is an alpha++ ranking. If Dublin just sorted a few things out it could be a lot better.

Bóramha 1014 Says:

Jul 31, 2022 - Dublin is increasingly becoming a shithole indigenous Irish can't get on the property ladder but DIEverse people are given own door accomodation within 4 months

Geoff Owens Says:

Jul 28, 2022 - London is a dump Dublin is even worse immigration has destroyed Dublin

Sam David Says:

Jul 16, 2022 - As an Irish man, London ( and the UK on the whole) has always been a more attractive destination for Educated working professionals (I work in technology) for Higher wages, lower taxes across the board and lower cost of living in aeras like Rent. London is the largest destination for Irish expacts and young Educated professionals can pursue their career , earn disposal income, pay tax and actually have something at the end of it all (you couldn't do that in Dublin). I love Dublin with my heart as its where I grew up as a child , but Ireland has a serious problem with housing, cost of living, high taxes and that is pushing are Educated working professionals to seek better lives abroad.

Lugermorph1887 Says:

Jul 16, 2022 - Dublin visually can look good but Dublin itself resembles a 3rd world country. And the government want to sign off a contract that will bring in 1.4 million Africans in the next 5 to 10 years which will violently decrease the quality of life in Dublin and Ireland

T Lindsay Says:

Jul 16, 2022 - Don,t believe every thing you here, Dublin is very Dangerous at night,,full drug addicts,Eastern European gangs scamer,s, teenagers gang,s. Violence. Tourists get muged alot....go Galway or cork.its a lot safer,

gallow glass2 Says:

Jul 15, 2022 - celtic is pronounced with a hard c , with the exception of sports teams like glasgow celtic .Hurling is also played in croke park and the ball is thrown in to start the game not kicked off .Rugby and soccer national teams play in the AVIVA.Also When looking for cheaper accomodation ,the surounding counties of meath kildare and wicklow should be looked at and further afield louth and laois all less than 1 and half from dublin.